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The General Manager

Tariq Al Mansori
General Manager, National Rubber Ind.

National Rubber Industrial was the first tyre recycling plant in the UAE. Since our establishment in 2004, we’ve wanted to be able to process different kinds of tyres, including car and truck, without de-beading and at a high capacity. We then formed strategic partnerships and lasting alliances to gain access to strong, reliable technology to produce the best quality products.

We saw the opportunity for recycling of tyres before anyone else in the region and our plant is the only one running today. Although there were many manufacturers looking to deliver in the area, National Rubber Industrial is the only company with the capability to meet the demands for uniform quality and purity.

Today our roster of clients bears many prestigious names. FIFA is one among them. This is only because we have constantly delivered the very best quality products to them and exceeded their expectation at every turn.

Me and my team at National Rubber Industrial will always strive to raise the bar of quality and work to our client’s satisfaction.

Tariq Al Mansori

General Manager, National Rubber Industrial

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