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Established in 2004, National Rubber Industrial has specialized in combatting the enormous and heterogeneous waste of tyres. We pride ourselves as an organisation that has been formed to recycle the hugely accumulated tyre wastes and help the government in turning this waste into reusable material like tyre granulate, crumb rubber, steel, iron granules and fiber.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery producing a wide range of recycled tyre products, National Rubber Industrial, with an installed capacity to process 15000 MT tyes per annnum. Our dedicated team of professionals take great interest in their work.

This boosts our production and also improves the quality of our materials, enabling us to serve our clients to the best of our abilities. The useful portion of a tyre is shredded and converted into granules, rubber and steel that’s 99% free from fiber. While we ensure that our customers get only the best quality products, our target is to improve the industry by providing products at the most competent prices. At National Rubber Industrial, all our efforts are channeled to turning waste tyres into useful materials in the rubber and steel industries. Aside from this being our core line of business, we feel delighted that we’re helping our environment ‘breathe’ better.


While very little rubber from used tyres goes into the production of new tyres, a host of other products made from recycled tyre rubber has come on the market. Granules rubber are used as fill in engineering projects. Finer chips and screened tyre rubber is used in playgrounds and as landscaping mulch. Crumb rubber is used to make superior quality asphalt, while rubber mixed with urethane is used to make athletic track surfaces and a variety of molded products.Tires recycling is a new market with a high growth rate requiring far-reaching global solutions for a complex approach to the processing and reuse of recycled material.

NRI regards itself as providing a system of innovative environmental technology and of user oriented know-how. Based on rubber powders produced by SNCRI’s technology, a variety of special products has been developed including a porous irrigation hose for more efficient irrigation and fertilisation of extremely dry areas. The use of rubber powder for the production of elastomer floor coverings proved to be very successful.

Floor coverings based on rubber powder are ecologically beneficial, free of PVC, antistatic and extremely stress-resistant. They are especially suitable for public buildings, airports, railway stations, sports grounds as well as for laboratories and hospitals. Another field of application for rubber powder pointing to the future is the coating of surfaces as a protection against corrosion, wear and tear and chemicals and as an underseal for any type of vehicle. For noise and impact sound insulation a mixture of polyurethane and rubber powder can be applied to surfaces like steel, concrete, wood, plastic or fibre glass. For the production of semi-finished and finished products on a rubber powder. Powder not only manufacturing costs can be lowered, fine rubber powders can be included in the production of new tyres. Rubber powders are used in the entire plastics and rubber market.


To become the customer’s preferred partner in delivering world-class recycled tyre rubber, meeting the demands for uniform quality and purity.


To manage tyre waste by recycling them into sustainable materials, helping to minimize fuel costs and protect the environment reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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